How to Decide Whether a Fixed-Rate Mortgage Complies Fully with Your Needs and Plans

Fixed-rate mortgage

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The process of purchasing a new home is really exciting until the moment when you find out all the financial details. Now, you need to rely on your financial status and stability but still, not completely because prices for housing and all kinds of rates fluctuate all the time. In this event, the best option of mortgage credits for you is a fixed-rate. Here, you will get relative peace of mind and confidence that there won’t be so many changes in your payments in two, five, or even ten years.

Some Facts about a Fixed-Rate Mortgage and around It

So, this type of mortgage loan offers an established rate for interests during the entire period of the loan. It means that your payments for a month on the principal and interest will not alter with time. Everything depends, however, on the insurance and taxes – if they change, your amount of money spent on this mortgage per month will change, too. Nevertheless, a fixed rate allows for some more predictability and sustainability. That is why it is so preferable for people who buy housing.

To decide on this loan, compare its conditions with ARM where all the rates are adjustable. Yes, such loans offer lower interest payments but only for a very short time – from 1 to 3 years – and then, these rates can fluctuate going up or down so your monthly expenses will do the same.

The terms for such a housing credit can be set within the range of between 10 and 30 years. So, if you are seeking predictability and want to keep your property for a long time, a fixed rate is your best choice.

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How to Determine and Predict the Amount of Your Interest Rate on This Credit

It may sound unusual but you can predict and count your interest rate yourself. It is necessary to consider some important factors.

Rates That Are Dominant at the Time of Your Signing Papers

Since the rate is likely to remain the same during the entire time of your mortgage, you can monitor the prevailing figures for it just before being assigned to this credit.

The Financial Situation You Find Yourself In

Try to take so much money for your mortgage you will be able to repay considering your credit history and the assigned down payment. Do not try to get more than you can afford to repay and do not agree to any interest costs you consider to be too much.

Take into Account the Final Payer of Costs for Closing Your Credit

It is quite common that the bank may want to cover the closing. Find it out beforehand and then, you can accept a bit higher rates. Usually, this option is known as ‘no-cost credit’.

Choose the Type of Insurance for Your Loan

Here, the bank may also agree to insure your credit in the change of your consent to pay higher interest. So, opt for lender-paid insurance instead of your private one.

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Determine If a Fixed-Rate Credit Is Right for You

Everything is OK if you are going to live in your house for a very long time or even for life. You can always refinance your credit and continue using your property.

However, this option may not be beneficial at all under certain circumstances:

  • The present-day rates can be too high so do not agree to pay them for decades.
  • The loan will not be cost-effective at all if you do not expect to live in the house for more than a few years.
  • Consider your credit score because, if it is too low, you cannot hope to be qualified for this credit with the interest amount that could benefit you or you can even be simply rejected.
  • You may also be short of money presently to pay higher interests but you are looking forward to some additional source of income in the nearest future.

All these situations will require a thorough consideration on your part and some other types of credit may look more suitable.

Let Us Think about Advantages

Such a mortgage can have some obvious benefits including the following:

  • Your monthly budget will become quite predictable because all your repayments will remain exactly the same.
  • You can be on the safe side against your lender’s changing the rates as they like.
  • It will be easier to pay the down amount because there are no restrictions or penalties. In case you would like to make payment in parts as well as to pay extra.
  • A mortgage market can fall down but you will not need to worry about the rise in interests you will have to pay. On the other hand, if the situation on the market improves, you can always claim for refinancing at a better rate.

Consider Disadvantages As Well

No matter how many benefits you may have found in fixed rates, there are still some minuses to think well about:

  • Once again, it depends on how long you are going to stay in your home. If it does not seem you will be living there permanently, a better variant is to apply for some other type of credit.
  • Keep in mind that closing expenses here are much higher than for other credits. They may include fees for underwriting or origination. If the bank does not want to cover them, it is better even not to start.
  • You will not make a good deal if you have bad credit or cannot pay a large down – you will just be rejected.
  • Even if interests fall at the time of your terms, you will not pay less money for it because the rates are fixed already.
  • This type of mortgage is meant for the long term so, if you want to repay it earlier, you may be imposed some penalty costs to pay out.


Due to a longer term, fixed-rate credits of 20 or even 30years still remain quite popular among the American people. However, take into account your personal situation. It will cost you much more if you are not going to stay in your property for long. The mobility of many families nowadays accounts more for the disadvantages of fixed rates. Such a mortgage may be just right for you if you are planning to settle and enjoy your life with your family to the fullest extent.

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